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Let me begin with a big HELLO. And thank you for stopping by my “About” page. I am delighted that you want to get to know me better!

My name is Priyanka Biswas. I am a Digital Marketing Strategist and Consultant and the Founder and Owner of Social Media with Priyanka. I work with Business Owners and Solopreneurs to help them grow their online presence.

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Does digital marketing seem stressful to you? Are you lost or overwhelmed with all the free (and sometimes conflicted) info you have consumed to find success online?

What you need is a clear path, beginning with a strategy which involves understanding the basic principles as to why your business should even use any digital marketing at all!

And that’s where I come in! Consider me your go-to girl for all things digital (…yes, I’m talking marketing).

With a background in Software Engineering (yeah, I used to write code at one point in time…) and hands on experience with Digital Marketing (I’m talking from the inception of social media for business…), you can be rest assured that you’ve handed over the “Digital Marketing” reigns of your business to the right hands.

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Some fun extras...

Here’s some inside scoop if you’d like to know me a little better!

– I’m happily married. Me and the hubby live in Connecticut.

– I am from India. We moved to the US in the year 2008 because of my hubby’s job.

– I love to travel – exploring new places, learning about the people and their culture and trying out new cuisines. Since I live so close to the Big Apple, I have had the opportunity to try foods from so many different countries. One of the BIG reasons why I just love New York City!

– I am quite the movie buff. And a huge fan of Mad Men. (You might come across references to Don Draper’s quotes in my posts from time to time).

– I am a foodie, although I’m not much of a cook! I’m not big into trying out new recipes and stuff.

– I love technology. I keep myself up to date with most of what’s happening out there. And I pick up things pretty quickly. For instance, I re-designed this website all by myself and I have contributed to this social sharing plugin on GitHub.

– I believe that hard work does pay off. My motto is to believe in yourself and to believe in what you are doing to achieve success in life.

– I am a tree hugger. This planet is our (might I add, ONLY) home and if we don’t take care of it, we’ll have nowhere else to go. The sooner we realize this, the better it is for all of us.