Need to Know Tips for Instagram Growth – 12 Ways to Grow a Loyal Following on Instagram Using Stories

If you’re building your following on Instagram and are looking at the quantity alone, you’re going about it the wrong way! Numbers can be deceiving because they don’t indicate how many of those people are actually interested in WHO you are or WHAT…

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Successful social media marketing journey for business owners

The 3 Things You Must Have to Embark on a Successful Social Media Marketing Journey for your Business

Ah, social media marketing! Sometimes, for a business owner/solopreneur, it can seem like the very bane of your existence! You probably think... "Can I wish upon a star and have social media go away so that I don’t have to deal with it any longer?"…

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Grow email list using quizzes with Interact

[Video] How to Generate Leads with a Fun and Interactive Quiz Using Interact – Getting Creative with your List Building Efforts

Digital marketing is an ever evolving sphere. Creative ideas are always welcome, right? Plus if the idea is something fun, count me in! Okay, so I’m going to spill the beans right away before I even get started with my blog post. I created this…

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Productivity Hacks: Quick Fixes to 5 Of Your Everyday Time Struggles

Productivity Hacks for the Busy Entrepreneur: Quick Fixes to 5 Of Your Everyday Time Struggles

As entrepreneurs one of our most valuable resources is TIME and it can be the hardest to manage. Each of us face our own unique challenges with time management, but I bet at least one of the below time sucks impacts your day, and you might not even…

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Digital marketing 101

[Live Chat Recap] Digital Marketing 101 Q & A with Priyanka Biswas via OWN IT

This is an exciting post! I was recently invited to be a guest on a live chat via OWN IT and it was an amazing experience being able to share some of my best tips with an awesome community of business owners. If you don't know about OWN IT, it is a…

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JustBeU Magazine Case Study

[Client Case Study] How We Used a Combination of Facebook Ads and Instagram Posts to Promote JustBeU Magazine’s Print Edition Launch Party

I recently wrapped up a social media management + marketing project with JustBeU Magazine and I thought of sharing my work experience with all of you so that you have a clear(er) understanding of my services. Of course, you can always visit my Work…

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Facebook advertising for beginners

Facebook Advertising for Beginners: Demystifying the Facebook Pixel, What, Why and How

I was recently participating in a discussion in a Facebook Group and that is where I discovered it! A true story about the “infamous” Facebook pixel - how many business owners and solopreneurs feel about it. But why am I calling it "infamous"? Turns…

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How to create a designer quality infographic in minutes using Canva

[Video] How to Create a Designer Quality Infographic in Minutes Using Canva – The DIY Step by Step Guide

So, the last blog post I wrote about graphic design (keeping the non-designer in mind) was about how to create simple, yet stunning social media images using the free version of Canva. In today’s post I want to talk about how you can again, use the…

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How to create a social media content calendar for your business

[Video] How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar for Your Business – The Step by Step Guide to Ditching Overwhelm and Getting Organized

Do you use a social media content calendar for your business? "Never head of one! What the heck is a social media content calendar?" "Ummm, I've thought about it but haven't really capitalized on creating one." "I think I have one lying around…

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[VIDEO] How to create gorgeous social media graphics for free using Canva? 3 simple design hacks for non designers. | Social Media with Priyanka | Bespoke Online Marketing Solutions and Social Media Consulting for Small Businesses and Solopreneurs

[Video] How to Create Gorgeous Social Media Graphics for Free Using Canva – Three Simple Design Hacks for the Non Designer

Yaaay! I have my very first video tutorial for you. And you are going to love it if you are the complete non-designer, with no creative bone in your body, whatsoever! Believe me when I say this, that is exactly where I come from - the "no creative…

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