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Grow email list using quizzes with Interact

Digital marketing is an ever evolving sphere. Creative ideas are always welcome, right?

Plus if the idea is something fun, count me in!

Okay, so I’m going to spill the beans right away before I even get started with my blog post. I created this super fun lead generation quiz using a fabulous tool called Interact a few days ago and I’d like to share my experience with all of you today.

Never heard of using a quiz to grow/build your email list?

Umm…maybe not to build your email list but I’m sure you must have gotten your hands dirty with quizzes on Buzzfeed or Facebook?

Let’s see…maybe…which “Game of Thrones” character are you? Now you’re thinking, yes I am totally guilty of this!

So, anyway the point being, you have probably come across these fun quizzes where, based on the answers you choose, the quiz reveals its outcome and then you are asked to share your results via social media. Interact can help you use the very same logic to build a quiz to attract potential leads/clients/customers along with growing your email list.

How you can achieve this is exactly the topic of today’s blog post. Yes, let’s get creative with our list building efforts!



Okay, so, before we move on to the specifics of the tool, we do need to spend some time on brainstorming our quiz topic. And have a system in place to take the quiz participants from point A to point B in our funnel.

Now, I’m not talking about any fancy sales funnel with multiple stages, tripwires and all that tech jargon! For those of you who are just starting out, I would recommend building a simple system involving an email marketing tool and the one action you would like your quiz participants to take after you’ve revealed the results page.

Of course, if you already have a full fledged working funnel in place, by all means you can also tie up your quiz to it, but I’m going to walk down the path of simplicity for this post for the sake of keeping things easier to explain as well as understand.


Step 1: Choose your email marketing tool and create your account

The first step is to choose an email marketing tool. For starters, I recommend MailChimp because they have a free plan available. However, this is totally left to you depending on your requirements. Interact has the ability to integrate with all the major email marketing tools out there.


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Step 2: Brainstorm your quiz topic


I do recommend spending some time on coming up with an engaging topic. In fact, this would probably be the most time consuming part of the entire process. Once we have our quiz outline, the creation part is actually quite the breeze with Interact.

We obviously want people to take up our quiz, right? So, it needs to be relevant and at the same time a little fun so that folks are intrigued by it and are ready to click the start button!

Here are my recommendations on how to come up with a suitable topic.


Recommendation #1:

Go through Interact’s dashboard and see if anything relevant to your industry catches your attention. They have plenty of example quizzes available to help you get started. You can then go ahead and modify the questions and the results to suit your requirements.

This is a good starting point if you are in need of inspiration and ideas.

In fact, this is what I did to get started on my quiz. I chose a topic from Interact’s examples and then made suitable modifications to it (title, questions, results etc.) depending on how I wanted to guide my audience.

Grow email list using quizzes - Interact dashboard


Recommendation #2:

If you don’t find anything that piques your interest, you can absolutely build your quiz scratch! In this case, I’d recommend coming up with a topic related to your offering.

For a product based business, this could be a best seller item in your store, something seasonal you are looking to promote, a new product launch etc.

For a service based business, this could be directly related to your current offerings, something you are looking to offer in the future based on your quiz inputs, perhaps you are looking to direct people towards your paid course, webinar, ebook and so on.

To make sure your quiz is performing optimally (or as optimally as possible), I think the topic shouldn’t be too vast. If you make the topic too general, you might not be able to attract the right leads.


Once you’ve narrowed down your topic, you need to think of the kind of questions you will ask and what the final results will be.

Again, if you don’t know where to begin, Interact’s examples can guide you and you can modify the questions and results to make it more personal to your brand/business.

Grow email list using quizzes - Interact example quiz

For those of you who are building from scratch, I’d recommend listing down your end results at first and then working your way backwards to the questions.


The BIG question!

How do you find inspiration to build your quiz questionnaire? Of course there’s no perfect answer! It all depends on the final goal of your quiz. But here are my tips to get started (yes, these tips are slightly geared towards a service based business, however, I do have have a concrete example for a product based business too right after).

  • Pick up cues from your past experiences.
  • Is there something you find your clients regularly struggle with?
  • Questions you’ve found potential clients tend to ask via social media/email.
  • Questions you would typically ask clients before you begin working with them and so on.


Let’s consider two examples , one from a product based business point of view and one from a service based business point of view.


If your business sells products:

Let’s say you sell home decor, here’s a fun quiz you could use to direct potential buyers to certain product category pages on your website based on their responses.

What’s your home style aesthetic?

For instance, say visitors shopping for home decor products from your online store can narrow down choices based on their style aesthetic: Traditional, Mid Century Modern, Contemporary, Country etc.

You could add questions such as:

I’d love a pop of  (insert color) in my home!

What “vibe” do you want your home to have?

This room makes me feel (insert feeling)…You could use images of rooms with certain types of decor and add a feeling, happy, renewed, balanced, optimistic etc.

Pick your favorite backsplash pattern…This is where you make your questions more fun by adding in photos and so on.

Grow email list using quizzes - Interact example quiz question

You would then simply direct the quiz takers to the product category pages depending on the outcome to provide them with a more focused shopping experience based on their taste in home decor.

You could also make it more appealing by offering them a discount code after they give you their email (before revealing the result). So, you could explicitly mention something like, “Enter your email to receive a 10% discount code and reveal your style aesthetic”.

Grow email list using quizzes - Interact email capture form

Or you could directly mention that “All first time quiz takers will receive a 10% discount code in their email” in your quiz description box to attract potential first time buyers to take up the quiz.

Grow email list using quizzes - Interact quiz title and description

Once you associate a buyer with a certain type of style aesthetic, sending out targeted emails becomes a breeze!


If your business sells services:

Let’s say you are a web designer. You could use test your audience on a quiz topic such as,

Is your website easy to use or how user friendly is your website?

The questions you ask would help you determine if the quiz taker could be a potential client. Let’s look at some example questions.

How many actions can a visitor take on your home page?

Would a visitor know what your website is about in 5 seconds or less?

Can a potential clients/customers contact you easily if they have questions? 

For instance, if someone is looking to redesign their website, this would give you the perfect opportunity to let them know of the shortcomings in their present site based on their responses and how you could help them make it better with a brand new design.

For example, since I provide digital marketing services, I decided to test my audience on their online marketing knowledge level and if they are ready to tread the DIY way. This gives me an opportunity to learn more about how marketing savvy my audience is and if they are looking for help and guidance in the right direction.

You can take my quiz, called “What’s Your Digital  Marketing Status” (along with Interact) for a test drive at the end of this blog post!


Get creative with your questions and try to add in fun/positive elements whenever you can. Also I do recommend keeping your quiz length short, 7 – 10 questions being a good number.

Personally, I think anything more than that would result in higher dropout rates. The key to creating the quiz is to capture a prospect’s email and if too many people drop out in the middle, you will not be able to accomplish your final goal.


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Step 3: Set up your quiz within Interact


Once you have your outline ready all you need to do now is plug in everything into Interact and connect your email service provider. Of course, if you are going to take your quiz takers through a pre-defined funnel, you would need to have that set up within your email system.

But as I mentioned before, we will not be going into the details of setting up your funnel in this blog post. That is a topic which needs to be handled on its own. And would require its very own, separate blog post.

So let’s jump right in! Watch the short video below which walks you through the steps of how to get set up within Interact. I am going to go with the example of “what’s your home style aesthetic” above.

And that’s it! You are ready to embed your quiz within your web page. Interact will provide you with an embed code and all you need to do is copy and paste the code into your web page.


Take up my short quiz, “What’s Your Digital Marketing Status?” below to see Interact in action and find out if you are ready to take up the online marketing matters of your business into your own hands or if you need a helping hand towards the right direction!

Interested in giving Interact a try? Get started here!


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What are your thoughts on using a quiz to grow your email list?

Will you be giving Interact a try?